On Monday, 23 August, Anne Hütt, Head of Education Programmes at Erasmus + and the European Solidarity Corps Agency, presented the Erasmus Mobility Accreditation Certificates in Vocational Education. Among others, the Tartu Vocational Education Center received accreditation.

According to Andrei Atškasov, the coordinator of international relations, the mobility accreditation means that the school will receive finances in a simplified manner to organise mobilities in the period 2021-2027.

“I am very pleased that the school has been accredited, because it means trust and confidence that we can do it well. We hope to overcome the pandemic period and start to continue our learning mobilities and boost it in the future. For that I recommend everyone to get vaccinated, because it is the best way to prevent the spread of the virus and keep school life open, “said director Raini Jõks.

Andrei Atškasov explained that for seven years we will be able to receive up to EUR 400,000 in Erasmus + support each year to organize mobility programs for both students and teachers. “Of course, we must take into account the restrictions caused by the pandemic when organizing mobility trips. The first prerequisite for both teachers and students is vaccination, which means that we send out people who have been fully vaccinated. Secondly, constraints in the host country and school must be taken into account, as each learning mobility has another partner. Thus, it is possible to take part in mobilities, but in a more limited way than usual,” he explained.

Tartu Vocational Education Center has already started to prepare hybrid mobilities too. This means that some part of the mobility program takes place virtually. „For example, you can get to know virtually the host school and students, as well as future internship tasks. Virtual meetings are followed by physical study trips, and we believe that after the virtual meetings, our learners will be much more confident on the spot. In addition, we are ready to host foreign students coming for study mobility here. Of course, we expect to be vaccinated, but we also take into account other precautions, such as distancing and minimizing contacts,” introduced Atkashov the possibilities in the near future.

A total of nine vocational training institutions were accredited for Erasmus mobility in Estonia. Accreditation makes it easier to apply for support in the future – an accredited organization can be sure that it will receive support each year to fund new study visits. Mobility, in turn, helps to increase the quality of both teaching and learning in an organization.

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International Relations Coordinator
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