Tartu Vocational College is leading vocational school in Estonia organizing different mobilities. We organize students exchange and internships and offer various programmes for staff exchange too. We send out ca 150 VET students and ca 100 VET staff for the mobility experience abroad per year. We receive ca 100 VET international students and 70 VET international staff for the mobility experience in Tartu Estonia per year.

In the frame of Erasmus+ programme Tartu VOCO has more than 50 international  partner organizations in 19 different countries and these numbers growing constantly!  From 2016 Tartu VOCO has been awarded Erasmus + Mobility Charter. In 2017 we passed a successful audit of the Erasmus + programme implementation by European Court of Auditors (Luxembourg) and 2021 we are fully accredited partner.

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Since 2020 we have developed and tested a model of virtual mobilities together with our brave teachers and students.  We are ready to continue with virtual or hybrid model for mobilities! See more:  https://youtu.be/Vsf7NdtnUys

In addition we are active in other international programmes and development projects.