Digital solutions for trainers and educators (DIGISOL)

DIGISOL project addresses the vocational and adult education sectors and the professional individual needs of educators and trainers who are working mostly with the adult learners.

The objective of the project is to develop a Curriculum for the training course on the Digital solutions for trainers and educators in the VET and adult education sectors aiming at increasing their digital competences and skills by learning the most demanded and broadly used digital tools in each of the partner organisation countries.

* there will be 3 Transnational meetings organized in the framework of the project;
* 36 teachers and staff members of partner institutions will be involved in the short-term joint staff training events.

The main outcomes of the project related activities are expected as follows :
* trainers and educators know how to use different digital learning tools;
* trainers and adult learners have the possibility to have the blended learning approach (face-to-face + online);
* they can choose the better digital learning solution for their individual needs;
* survey on the specific digital needs of trainers in each partner institution country (100 trainers and 100 adult learners will participate from each country, in total 800 people involved) and its analysis.
* curriculum for the online training course on the Digital solutions for trainers and educators (DIGISOL) in the VET and adult education sectors.
* pilote of the DIGISOL Course for 2 groups of 12 learners in each partner organization country (96 people in total)
* free access to the DIGISOL course through a Moodle platform for everyone.
* online testing option and online certificate’ availability certifying the acquired digital competence / skills upon the test successful completion.

Tartu Vocational Education Center (EE)
Datorzinibu Centrs (LV)
Institut für technologieorientierte Frauenbildung e.V. (GE)

01.11.2019 – 31.10.2021

Project coordinator/contact person:
Ülle Antson (e-mail:; ph: +372 7361876)