ElectriCars VET Hub 

The project is based on the European Commission’s Climate Target 2023 to reduce green house gas (GHG) emissions. This transition influences the electric vehicle sector (hereinafter EV), demanding new jobs, profiles and key competences from the labour market. The key role played by education systems in Europe by creation more professionals with the relevant technical and soft skills and competences required by the EVs sector. The creation of new and innovative courses
for VET staff is the first step to overcome the current barriers in VET and become more prepared to teach our youngsters in the economic sector with more future by now.

The main aim of the project is to build a cooperation partnership between technical VET schools to exchange new innovative teaching methodologies for vehicle electro mechanics with the objective to generate new official and homologated VET offer for reskilling and upskilling of our VET staff and better adapt to the rapid evolution of the electric vehicle sector.

The main activities will be the co-development of an innovative pilot training course module for VET staff in the field of car mechanics, automotion, electromechanics or installation so that to offer the adequate training according to the previously identified future sector needs, skills and profiles from the EV sector.

The main result will be to generate a better understanding of the future trends of the EV sector in Europe as part of the green transition, as well as the new training specializations needed for VET staff to teach better our European students so that to be aligned with the competences needed in the EV industry and green transition.

Project Partners:
Tartu Rakenduslik Kolledž (EE)
Liceul Tehnologic Dimitrie Leonida (RO)
Fundació Privada BCN Formació Professional (ES)
Rovaniemen koulutuskuntayhtymä REDU (FI)

01.10.2023 -01.10.2026

Project Manager:
Ismail Mirzojev (ismail.mirzojev@voco.ee)