Logistics VET Hub

The logistics industry is one of the productive sectors with highest economic growth and trade integration, influencing social welfare and new technological advancements in this and other transveral industries (food, health, tourism).

The extensive modernization of logistic services and operations (mechanization, automation) have incurred in a higher diversification of occupations and professional profiles, and in particular, the rapid digital transformation of the logistic sector is changing the industry and therefore the need to change the VET education provision. The logistics industry encounters difficulties in Europe to fill in these new jobs, as this technological modernization clashes with a lack of adequate skilled labor to adapt to the recruiting needs and perform the assigned tasks.

Europe is considering these shortcomings an opportunity to convert into logistics-based training centers. These new challenges require a larger and cooperation investment between logistics business and VET education to rethink human capital and get qualified logistic graduates to acquire the specific knowledge and training to fit in the new job occupations and environment, and be prepared to work in any point of the value chain. By focusing on the key role of VET as the best education line to better adapt to new and future challenges to overcome the high levels of youth unemployment, the Logistics VET Hub is the first of its kind to become an international partnership of VET schools, companies and institutions over 6 countries in Europe.

The general objective of the Logistics VET Hub is to build a sustainable strategic partnership based on the cooperation among international logistics and VET experts in Europe to exchange good practices on VET logistics specializations in line with the professional profiles, skills, needs and trends of the logistic sector in Europe.
The specific objectives are the following:

  • To influence logistics companies in all partner countries about the advantages of VET as fundamental educational path to meet their sector demands in terms of recruiting high skilled staff;
  • To adapt/modify VET logistics-related studies curricula and training offer, according to
    new sector trends and skills demanded by the companies;
  • To raise awareness and attractiveness of VET logistics studies and professions as a strategic career option for present and future youngsters.

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Savon koulutuskuntayhtymä (FI)
Fundació Privada BCN Formació Professional (SP)
Tartu Rakenduslik Kolledž (EE)
Rovaniemen koulutuskuntayhtymä REDU (FI) Finland
VUX /Vuxenutbildningen Skellefteå kommun (SW)
Stichting Christelijk Regionaal Opleidingen Centrum Noord – en Oost Nederland (NE)

01.11.2021 – 01.11.2023

Project coordinator/contact person:
Andrei Atškasov (ph: +372 736 1894, e-mail: andrei.atskasov@voco.ee)