Digital Vocational Education and Training for All (DIGIVET4ALL)

The DIGIVET4ALL is about improving the quality of digital vocational education and training by supporting teachers.
The three products of the project are all closely connected to Moodle support. The first product is a questionnaire that can be used by any organisation wishing to map what kind of support the staff members feel they should have what comes to using Moodle. By making use of this product the organisation can direct the Moodle support more precisely. Furthermore, the content of Moodle support can also be adjusted to address the correct things by making use of the questionnaire.

The second product of the project is a tangible, hands-on instruction package for teachers who use Moodle. Some of the teachers may be beginners and some may be more advanced users but all the same the product aims to address both types of teachers by offering them a set of hints and advice on how to make the most of Moodle. Product no 2 consists of exercise templates, hints and instructions how Moodle can be used to
* address different learner types
* enable learning in various different environments
* make life easier by reducing study material costs and reducing the workload of teachers.

Product number 3 is a set of best practices for Moodle support, management and promotion in VET providing organizations. This case example compilation is the result of discussions and comparisons by European Moodle system specialists during DIGIVET4ALL project.

All of these products are compiled by VET and core skills teachers who meet are trained on the topic on Learning, Teaching and Training activities in Finland, Estonia, Germany and Ireland throughout the project period of 2019-2021. The products of the project will be made freely available on a project website.

Careeria-Porvoo  (FI)
Tartu Vocational Education Center (EE)
Berufsbildende Schulen Rotenburg – Europaschule (GE),
Mediamaisteri Oy (FI),
Galway and Roscommon Education & Training Board (IR)

01.09.2019 – 31.08.2022

Project Coordinator/contact person: 
Diana Eller (e-mail: