Enhancing Digital and Mobile Vocational Education and Training (EDaMVET)

Moodle is globally the most widely used Learning Management System. It is an open source system that is hosted locally by organisations. There are different ways of implementing Moodle LMS but the core is the same for everybody.
All partner organisations have recognised the need to develop support materials for VET educators to help improve the user experience in Moodle.
During the height of corona pandemic laptop computers were given to students, yet the user statistics reveal that these computers are not used much and a small but visible percentage of students have not even opened the computers handed to them (according to user statistics from partnergroup). Learners have higher expectations for user-friendly content in multiplr devices.  The aim is to create an approach for enabling mobile use of Moodle in VET, then produce materials for teachers and pilot after which mobile approaches to Moodle can be implemented in partner organisations and the materials shared on website.

The project aims to address two specific Moodle LMS development needs in Vocational Education and Training. These are to improve the quality of mobile Moodle user experience and to enhance Moodle by exploring the capabilities of innovative H5P technology. By so doing digital pedagogy in Moodle using organisations becomes more enticing, flexible, wide-reaching, accesible, inclusive and easier to adapt for blended learning purposes.

The project group will carry out training workshops for Moodle specialists on mobile Moodle and enhanced Moodle. There will be separate workshops for teachers in vocational education and training. There will be two live meetings. the other activities are carried out online. A questionnaire will be created to enable the acquisition of feedback on the user experience of Moodle LMS from student perspective. A multiplier event will be organised.

Moodle specialists will create support materials on mobile Moodle and enhancing Moodle learning environments with H5P
technology. The target group of these is the teaching staff of vocational education and training organisations. The support
materials will be available in English, Finnish, Estonian, German and Spanish. The support materials will be available on a
webpage. They can be used directly on-site or downloaded and transferred to learning management systems of Moodle
using organisations.

Careeria Oy (FI)
Tartu Vocational College (EE)
Mediamaisteri Oy (FI)
Berufsbildende Schulen Rotenburg – Europaschule (DE)
Galway and Roscommon Education & Training Board (IE)

01.10.2022 – 30.09.2024

Project manager
Kaire Mets (kaire.mets@voco.ee)