Welcome to Tartu Vocational College! We are glad to offer you an interesting study programme, useful practical training and most importantly great mobility experience in Estonia. 

Student mobility includes practical training in school or apprenticeship in company according to your study profile. Upon arrival there is always welcome meeting and tour in our campuses and city. We also offer cultural programme to explore Estonian nature, history and culture as well as meet our students. 

Mobility programme duration may vary according to aim of mobility but usually they last in between 2 weeks and 3 month. You will be hosted by our coordinator who takes care of the programme but also helps whichever problems may arise. 

During your stay we offer an accommodation options in our dormitories at Kopli street and Põllu street. Our sport facilities are open for you too.

At the end of your mobility we have a final meeting to evaluate and collect feedback as well as issue Certificate of Attendance and Europass.

Please find out more information what to expect and how to prepare for your mobility programme HERE 

And welcome to Tartu!