Pathway to Hospitality (P2H) 

The Hospitality industry is often characterised by increasing bottleneck vacancies and shortage of vocations together with a very high turnover due to the difficulty of enterprises to retain their staff. Some businesses have recently been in jeopardy because they were not able to recruit the workforce required. The trade often has a poor image mainly due to the perception of working conditions, viewed as ill-adapted and compelling by potential staff. “Pathways to hospitality” has the ambition to help professionals to enhance the standing of the trade by creating innovative and motivating tools to trigger new vocations and targeting a wide range of learners (secondary school pupils and parents, job seekers in occupational schemes including migrants, general public). Professionals of the trade are often illequipped to promote the trade and have trouble in understanding the expectations of potential staff.

The aim of the project is to tackle supply and demand in the job market in the hospitality industry by pooling the expertise of the hospitality trade, VET and occupational inclusion stakeholders together with a successful IT company in Saaremaa and Tartu, Estonia, in Jesolo, Italy, in Normandy, France, in Brac, Croatia and in Lodz, Poland.

The goal is also to highlight the advantages of matching school-based and work-based learning through the wide range of traineeship and apprenticeship opportunities in our regions. The contribution of the trade to the fight against climate change is an emergent issue, all the
more as customers are a driving force for a greener industry, its efforts are to be promoted. The commitment of the trade to CSR and fight against climate change will be enhanced: this will be used as a leverage effect to inspire young people into the many jobs of the trade. Thirty Hospitality Messengers, an experimental task force of trainers and professional of the trade who have a passion for their trade will be trained in two sessions and equipped with learning tools to intervene in career guidance pathways for the benefit of youngsters and job seekers. Among the tools bestowed on the task force, a serious game entitled “Fairway Hotel” featuring the visit of an applicant for work experience, welcomed by the manager of the company, will foster the various Hospitality jobs, also illustrated by success stories. A position paper will provide arguments and protocols for the intervention of the task force which will be fully prepared to communicate with people in search of vocational projects and foster the wide range of career opportunities the industry can offer.

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GIP-FCIP de Normandie (FR) lead partner
Tartu Vocational College (EE)
Associazione Jesolana Albergatori (IT)
36,6 Competence Centre (PL)
Kuressaare Ametikool (EE)
Srednja skola Bol (CR)
Les Petits plats dans les grands (FR)

Duration: 01-11.2021-31.10.2024

Project manager/contact person:
Kairi Timusk (