International professional mastery competition „Baltic skills“- chance to new life

Today, in a complex and fast-changing world, as knowledge, skills and attitudes are acquired on a lifelong and life-wide basis, all kinds of learning and training outcomes deserve to be valued and validated.

Every young person, studying in vocational school, participating in the world (WordSkills) or European (EuroSkills) professional excellence competitions is, and must be, an aspiration. The students learn how to do the job, and the best way to do it is to learn how to do it.  Exams and group assignments do not always have the ability to apply real-world problems. By participating in a professional mastery of a school, a new opportunity to show their talent and apply their skills.

Aims and objectives of the Project:
1. Analyze good practises of professional mastery competition; in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia particularly;
2. Prepare set of tasks for electrician, welders and joiners competition ( 3 different options);
3. Develop methodology for professional mastery competition organising and assesment.

The procedure and tasks of organizing and evaluating professional excellence will be prepared during the project. Tasks will be prepared for three professions: electricians, welders, joiners. It is one of the most popular professions in all partner countries. The Baltic Skills Competition “Baltic Skills Competition” will be organized by the project.

Tasks and technical descriptions will be prepared for competition. They will be prepared by professional teachers-experts from all partner countries in the project.

Project partners:
Alytus vocational training centre (LT)
Jegava Technical School, Liepaja State Technical school (LV)
Tartu Vocational College (EE)


Project coordinator/contact person:
Andrei Atškasov (+372 7361 894;

Download the project materials:

Professional mastery competition organization and assessment methodology

Set of tasks WELDER

Set of tasks JOINER

Set of tasks ELECTRICIAN