Would you like to know more about meat culinary and get  the skills to cut meat like the best butcher, prepare sausages, ham, cutlets or roast beef as easily like Jamie Oliver? If “yes”, take our meat culinary course.

A three weeks program in meat culinary that is suitable for cooks / butcher students, food factory workers etc.

Our teachers work together with students and during this practical course we make a number of different Estonian and also international meat culinary products and comfort foods like:

  • smoked meat products;
  • hot-dog sausages/ other cocktail sausages;
  • BBQ products (spare ribs, hot wings etc);
  • meat balls with fillings and so on.

The training also includes study trips as every week we will take students out to see our food industries. We pay close attention to food production hygiene and have lessons in our laboratory to learn about the microbiological side of food.

The participation in the program could be financed by Erasmus+ programme as mobility (VET learners traineeships in vocational institutions abroad). Please contact us for more information: project@voco.ee


Kristi Luht has a Bachelor’s Degree in Meat Technology from Estonian Agricultural University. Since 2004 she works in Tartu Vocational College as meat technology teacher and course manager as well as adult trainer since 2012.
From January 2018 Kristi works as manager of Meat
Technology Competence Centre and had hosted and taught several international courses.

Kamilla Lüdikainen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Meat
Technology from Estonian Agricultural University. She has practiced meat processing technology at Danish Meat Trade College. Starting from 2010 works in Tartu Vocational College as meat technology teacher and course manager.

The training outcomes are:

  • student cuts meat under guidance and prepares the raw
    material to make different finished products;
  • understands the recipes and follows them to prepare the mixture for meat products;
  • shapes and cookes the culinary product under guidance,
  • uses relevant machines safely and properly;
  • assesses finished products quality and sends ready made products to realization.

The program costs 1200 EUR per student.
This include:

  • 3 weeks training at our college Meat Technology Competence Centre;
  • Accommodation in our student hotel (apartment type rooms where is also kitchenette);
  • Meals: breakfast and lunch at our student restaurant;
  • Cultural activities during weekends, including visits to Tartu main sights as well as trip to capital city, Tallinn.

We are ready to arrange also shorter or longer courses and modify additional services and cultural programme according to your expectations.

Contact us:project@voco.ee

“I liked it, Tartu is a beautiful city. During the practice we did BBQ and grilled meat and we had a chance to participate at Estonian GrillFest. We had a really good relationship with the teachers, they were fun and I liked it!”
Caroline (Denmark, Roskilde)

“My practice was very good, I got a new experience. I learned to make sausages, cut pork shoulder and cook pork ribs on the grill. We spent free at AHHAA center and visited an upside-down house. I liked Tartu.”
Nils (Latvia, Riga)

“In Estonia I liked the people, they are very friendly and talkative. Our supervisors were also truly helpful and talkative. We made some meat products, cut the meat and prepared dishes to eat.”
Aurimas (Lithuania, Kaunas)