Creating a hybrid learning model elective course “Holiday pastries of different Europe nations” (HYBAKE)

In all of Europe there is growing need for new forms of teaching and training in order to continue our international cooperation activities and offer cultural exchange.  Relevant skills and experiences to our students a new online hybrid learning course module is needed in the field of baker confectionery studies. In the project coordinator organisation the teachers have already experimented with online learning content creation including making instructional videos and carrying out some hybrid learning workshops. The teachers are eager to share best practices and learn from their colleagues in other schools in order to create an truly engaging hybrid learning experience for students.

The objectives of HYBAKE project is to create a student centered and engaging hybrid learning course for baker
confectionery studies and pilot the course with students from all partner countries. The project aims to:
* enhance teachers and students digital skills through active participation in course creation and piloting;
* create a strong professional network of teachers, foster international cooperation and enhance participants’ language skills.

HYBAKE project objectives include
* creating Model structure for a hybrid learning course;
* online learning material for baker confectionery online course, including video instructions for practical workshops; * piloted hybrid learning course on a mutual platform.
Teachers will have a knowledge and experience of European culinary heritage and will be able to pass it
on to students in a modern format.

Main activities of the project are:
* developing hybrid learning course module that will consist of 3 different intellectual outputs. The online learning materials will include in total eighteen products which are related to three different national holidays of their country and step-by-step instructional videos.
* 5 Learning, Teaching and Training Activities will be held spread between partner countries. Each LTT has a specific topic that is related to the hybrid learning course development.
* 3 physical meetings and monthly online meetings will take place between the project teams.
* hybrid conference in order to disseminate project results will be organized by lead partner.

Project duration:
01.11.2021 – 01.01.2024

Tartu Vocational College (EE)
Salon seudun koulutuskuntayhtymä (FI)
Kuldigas Tehnologiju un turisma tehnikums (LV)
Rigas Turisma un radosas industrijas tehnikum (LV)
Utenos regioninis profesinio mokymo centras (LT)
Izobrazevalni Center Piramida Maribor (SL)

Project coordinator/contact person:
Kaire Mets (+372 7361 877;



Exploring holiday baking through the Hybake project
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