Tartu VOCO is active partner at international cooperation and mobility projects since the school was established in 2002. For us international cooperation is a natural way of working and developing our school as well as students.  Our students and future specialists need skills to work with people from various backgrounds, develop global competences to be able to work  international environment.

Tartu VOCO participates in different types of international development projects and mobility activities that support the school’s strategic development goals. We have expertise in leading Erasmus+ strategic partnership projects as well as participating as a partner organisation. See our international development projects.

We are the leading Estonian VET institution in mobility activities with a partner network that involves more than 50 organisations in 19 different countries in Europe. Look at our partners map.

In 2016 Tartu VOCO was awarded the Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter – an accreditation of high quality standards with regards to student and staff mobility. From 2021 Tartu VEC has full accreditadion under Erasmus programme.

Since 2017 we are member of the International Network Xarxa FP – association of European cities and VET Institutions with the aim to improve quality of vocational education and training (VET) across Europe by developing common mobility strategies and projects in line with the EU’s strategic priorities.

Tartu VOCO actively participates in international competitions like Worldskills, Euroskills, Baltic skills competitions, Nordic/Baltic gourmet butchers competition etc.

Tartu VOCO has an Internationalization strategy that describes all our main international aims and activities.