During COVID-19 period we have to follow safety rules and update the measures according to the government regulations.

In the beginning of the new schoolyear 2021/2022  we have intention to keep the school open. Contact studies are possible using safety measures:

  • Vaccinate against COVID-19. Vaccination significantly reduces the risk of infection and protects against serious illness. Vaccinated people do not have to stay in close contact with self-isolation, they can more easily travel and visit events. Tartu VEC sends out and invites visitors who are fully vaccinated.
  • Safety measures like social distancing, proper hand washing, prefer  learning outdoors or smaller groups, proper ventilation of premises are still important to follow. We also recommend indoors, where a lot of people stay together, to wear masks.
  • Stay home when you feel any symptoms of sickness!

Please look also the official information for passengers visiting Estonia: https://vm.ee/en/information-countries-and-self-isolation-requirements-passengers