According to the school current strategy there are 4 strategic goals:

1. Flexible vocational training to support each learner’s individuality, their interests, needs and capabilities

  • Integrated curricula (many choices);
  • Student/learner centred/oriented admission process, individual learning pathways;
  • The learner`s active participation and responsibility;
  • Future jobs skills from masters to masters.

2. School family learns and creates in versatile collaboration

  • Teacher as mentor
  • Collaborative and learning centered school culture /an organizational culture that supports learning and collaboration;
  • Contemporary approach to learning;
  • Employee and family friendly organisation.

3. Lifelong learning opportunities are in accordance with the needs of labour market

  • Flexible VET /learning opportunities for different target groups of all ages
  • Masterful trainers
  • Innovative marketing
  • Wide range of training courses

4. Contemporary and open learning environment

  • Open classrooms /Open learning spaces
  • Using new (digital) technologies
  • New Technology building
  • Safe, motivating and positive atmosphere