The European Council (EU) has adopted a recommendation on micro-credentials, recognizing their potential to enhance lifelong learning and employability in the European Union. Micro-credentials, which are small, focused, and stackable credentials earned through formal and informal learning, offer a flexible way for individuals to gain new skills and adapt to the changing job market.

A consortium of vocational and further education and training (FET) institutions from five European countries is launching a project to address the need for a standardized approach across EU member states. This initiative aims to develop and test strategies for implementing micro-qualifications in their institutions and contribute to the development of a comprehensive European framework. 

„FET educators are eager to implement the courses and offer  micro-credential to adult learners. Every partner country has its own challenges to adopt the Council’s recommendations but it also creates opportunities to learn from each other and benchmark from best practices,“ said the project manager Kaire Mets from Tartu Vocational College.  

The first face-to-face seminar of the ERASMUS+ KA2 project Learning Lab for Adoption of Micro Qualifications in Vocational Education and Training  held in Galway, Ireland, from February 6th to 8th, 2024. 

Hosted by Galway Technical Institute and held at the Galway Chamber of Commerce meeting rooms in Commerce House, the seminar focused on advancing micro-credentials in the Vocational and Further Education sectors. Seminar reviewed previous steps of developing micro-credential courses uptake strategies, facilitated constructive discussions on the next steps in the project and laying the groundwork for continued collaboration

Janice Mulvany-Glennon, Micro-Credentials lead from the University of Galway, Janice outlined the innovative approach adopted by the Irish Universities Association in integrating Micro-credentials into Higher Level Education in Ireland. She’s presentation highlighted value of common strategies, joint marketing and provision of the courses.

The seminar concluded with a tour of Galway Technical Institute where partners had an opportunity to investigate the courses and facilities available and meet with teaching staff and students.

Lab4microvet project partners include BTP CFA Pays De La Loire, France; IET, Institut Escola del Treball de Lleida, Spain; ZBC, Denmark; VOCO, Tartu, Estonia; Innowise, Estonia; and GTI, Fr Griffin Road, Galway, Ireland.