International Volunteer Day is celebrated annually on December 5th to honor the contributions of volunteers and voluntary organizations as well as showcasing their dedication to community welfare. This year, Tartu Vocational College is marking International Volunteer Day in collaboration with partners from the 2024 Capitals of Culture.

We’ve developed practical training materials and guides specifically tailored for volunteer coordinators and team leaders of organizations orchestrating events in the Capitals of Culture. These resources offer a systematic approach to finding, engaging, and motivating volunteers in their day-to-day activities. Additionally, they encompass legislative references, planning tools, and valuable tips for enhancing communication skills.

The materials are designed to be especially beneficial for those seeking to involve volunteers in the coordination of short-term events, such as cultural and sports activities. This initiative has received support from the 2024 Capitals of Culture: Tartu 2024 in Estonia, Bodo 2024, and the NORD student organization in Norway, Salzkammergut 2024, and the VAEV research and development agency in Austria.

Building upon the Volunteer Coordinator’s Handbook and the Team Leaders’ Guide, Tartu 2024 has already initiated volunteer facilitator training. Soon, similar training sessions will commence in Austria and Norway. The overarching goal of both the training and the materials is to enhance the capacity of volunteer organizations in organizing events and engaging volunteers.

Read more and download the free materials from here