The partners of the project “Smart outreach by informing, inspiring and engaging adult learners”  have prepared and published a webinar on marketing to share their knowledge and best practices.

The aim of the webinar is to disseminate marketing tips and proven solutions with other educational organisations. “Today’s information overload means that everyone needs to find smarter ways to reach adult learners and inform them about training opportunities,” explains project manager Kaire Mets.

The webinar consists of 7 topics:
User generated content in digital marketing: how and why is it effective?
How and why is it effective?
How to Use TikTok as a Marketing Platform?
The use of smartphones as a means of communication through videos
How to engage and reach adult learners?
How to measure a communication campaign?

The marketing webinar has been produced by experienced adult educators, IN4MARE project partners: Tartu VOCO, the Estonian Association of Adult Education and Training, Helsinki Business College, training organisations CIAPE and PROMETEO from Italy, Know and Can from Bulgaria and Magenta Consultoria from Spain.

See webinar HERE

The IN4MARE project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

For more information:
Kaire Mets
Project Manager