Cross-Border Work-based Learning in Estonia and Latvia (ESTLAT-WBL)

ESTLAT-WBL project provided a step towards a more integrated and flexible labour market, as well as better access to jobs for vocational education and training (VET) graduates and better access to employees for SMEs.

The objective of the project was to support integration of labour market and access to jobs through cross-border work-based learning (WBL) and apprenticeships. Achieving of this objective was based on cross-border cooperation between employers and VET schools. Meanwhile, the sub-objective was to increase companies’ readiness to cooperate with VET schools and participate in the apprenticeship system.

Activities carried out and achieved results:

  • Preparation of the WBL cross – border training programme for Latvia and Estonia.
  • Cross-border WBL tutor trainings (2 in Latvia and 2 in Estonia). These trainings were carried out as workshops, during which VET tutors and company tutors came together to discuss what should be taken into account during preparation, implementation and after apprenticeship takes place.
  • 131 cross-border mobilities comprised of 81 VET students, 31 VET teachers, 13 company representatives.
  • Language support. In total, 4 language support courses were carried out – 1 in Estonia and 3 in Latvia, and the total number of participants that benefited from these courses was 82.
  • 2 matchmaking events (1 in Latvia and 1 in Estonia), gathering VET school tutors and company representatives to speak about potential cooperation opportunities.
  • 2 result promotion events (1 in Latvia and 1 in Estonia).
  • 1 final conference where results of the project were presented to company and school representatives.
  • Business plan of cross-border service. Based on the prepared business plan, new cross-border service was created, which aims to continue cross-border activities and support companies and VET schools.
  • Quality management activities
  • Development of Employers’ Need Report. This report shows and sums up what do employers in companies in the Northern region of Latvia and Southern region of Estonia tend to look at, when it comes to the selection of trainees and future employees.
  • Development of project Handbook. Sums up all information about the project and its steps, and also includes information about all project partners.
  • Creation of a new service “Work Based Learning and Apprenticeship Support”. This service is to support continuation of cross-border mobility between Latvian/Estonian companies and Estonian/Latvian VET schools.

Employers’ Needs Report:…


01.08.2018 – 30.11.2020

Project coordinator/contact person: 
Andrei Atškasov (ph +372 736 1894, e-mail: