Tools and techniques for a better choice of the profession (Career Choice)

A large number of students, especially students with learning difficulties, have challenges choosing a field of study and a profession according to their interests, abilities, and talents. The wrong choice of field of study and profession can lead to students’ less interest in acquiring vocational subjects, low assessment of their knowledge at tests and exams, and in some cases, it leads to early school leaving. All project partners’ career consultants struggle with a lack of free-of-charge career tools adjusted to students with learning and hearing difficulties (disabilities). Thus, the objective of the project is to create new career determination tools and a manual for students including students with learning difficulties to help them to find the more suited study field and profession.

Objective of the project: 
Students with geographical, economic, and social barriers will be able to use the digital test individually and students with learning and hearing disabilities together with career consultants using the created board game with cards will find the most suitable field of vocational study and profession. The manual will be an aid to teachers regarding learning and hearing disabilities. We want to increase students’ satisfaction regarding their chosen vocational education and reduce the dropout rate.

* creation of a digital test for different ages students (incl. students with geographical, economic, and social barriers);
* elaboration of the board game with cards for students with learning and hearing difficulties;
* development of the manual about the kinds and identification signs of learning difficulties.
To ensure the successful implementation of the project, management activities including dissemination activities will be provided.

VET students (incl. students with learning and hearing difficulties) will be able to find more suited study fields and professions, thus increasing their interest in learning vocational subjects, and acquiring a new profession. It will lead to a decrease in early school leaving of students with learning and hearing difficulties at VET schools and will increase their personal fulfillment and satisfaction regarding the chosen vocational education and career.

Tartu Rakenduslik Kolledž (EE)
DUCOR “Partenija Zografski” (MK)

Duration: 01.02.2024 – 30.04.2025

Project manager:
Kaire Mets (