Developing effective Information, Advice and Guidance tools to improve VET students retention and success (IAG4VET)

With ever increasing competitiveness of the job market, education paths are becoming non-linear and this is especially visible in vocational education and VET institutions. Both, young people and adults are keen to choose their own speed and sequence of learning, combine different education forms and levels as well as blend informal learning and work experience into their individual learning paths. Multicultural and international environments, and the need to accommodate a growing number of students with a different mother language or skills background add new dimensions and challenges to VET schools. In order to respond to various student group expectations, the pre-admission phase into VET institutions is becoming more crucial.

There is a plethora of research evidence to demonstrate the positive impact that good quality and timely information, advice and guidance (IAG) can have on learning and career decision making. Good quality and timely pre-entry information, advice and guidance (IAG) fulfils an important role in supporting learners to address diverse and complex needs and helps overcome barriers to access to the VET institutions and vocational education.

The project aims to showcase the best practices of IAG from partner countries, learn from each other and create a list of proven tools and methods of information, advice and guidance and thus support improvements of pre-admission and admission processes in VET institutions.

Main activities and results:

  • implemented 5 short-term training activities for partner schools staff members (101 in total), who are involved in the pre-admission and admission processes (admission managers and specialists, information, advice and guidance providers, career specialists, students support specialists, teachers involved in admission etc).
  • 14 pilot activities carried out in participating schools based on the project trainings and exchange. Moreover, all partner schools has made improvements in admission fields like informing potential target groups, improving methods and enhancing advice and guidance quality; developing flexible solutions and support measures to students to avoid drop-offs, etc.
  • collected the best practices and proven methods to the practical IAG4VET toolkit as IO1.

    Download the IAG4VET TOOLKIT 

Tartu Vocational Education Center (EE)
Helsinki Business College (FI)
West Nottinghamshire College of Further Education (UK)
Elektrostrojarska skola, Varaždin (CR)
Istituto Istrizione Superiore A.VOLTA (IT)

01.09.2018 – 30.10.2020

Project coordinator:
Kaire Mets (+372 7361 877;