Boosting culinary education and training

English skills are increasingly important in the European labour market, including gastronomy field. The culinary industry has a unique set of terminology. Use of professional vocabulary enables chefs and kitchen staff to accurately and efficiently communicate with each other and thus opens doors in European labour market. Application of Content and Language Integrated Learning CLIL method will be an innovative educational approach to
teaching when gastronomy subjects will be taught with the English language, and vocational vocabulary.

The objective of the project is to improve the educational base in participating schools to produce highly competitive professionals in the gastronomy field who are qualified for the European labour market. This will be done via range of activities targeted to teachers as well as students.

Firstly, the project will implement trainings for teachers in a blended learning format. Three LTTA components will guide teachers through improving their English language skills, vocational language training, and CLIL method training. Materials will be pilot tested and contribute to innovation in VET, addressing labor market needs.
Secondly the project will prepare and launch the digital learning platform to publish culinary training materials and picture dictionary in the culinary field.  These materials will support internationalization of culinary students in project partner countries.

Expected results:
1) Latvian-Lithuanian-Estonian-Ukrainian-English electronic dictionary for specific purposes (vocational terms of culinary, kitchen, sustainability and green thinking), illustrated with pictures.
2) Digital learning materials on English for specific purposes (culinary and green skills). The materials will be completable with CLIL method and will be tailored to the needs of VET sector. Learning platform integrating the multilingual dictionary and digital learning materials.

VSIA Rigas Turisma un radosas industrijas tehnikums (LV)
Tartu Rakenduslik Kolledž (EE)
Business and Hospitality Training Centre VESK (LT)
Lviv Professional College of Hospitality, Tourism and Restaurant service (UA)
Chernivtsi High School of Commerce of State University of Trade and Economics (UA)

01.10.2023 – 31.03.2026

Project coordinator:
Kaire Mets (